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Dent-All's Nationwide U.S. VISION PLAN

Dent-All's US Vision Plan is a Discount Preferred Provider Network (DPPN). Unlike vision insurance our plan has no waiting periods, no limitations or exclusions, no annual/lifetime maximums, and no claim forms. Simply visit a Dent-All's Nationwide Vision Plan Provider, show your member card, and pay the adjusted bill. Dent-All's US Vision Plan is your simple solution to vision benefits!

Dent-All's US Vision Plan's vision benefit programs embrace the Dent-All Plan commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Our program includes a laser vision correction program using a national network of surgeons. Qualified candidates receive hundreds of dollars off each network surgeon's lowest advertised price. The discount program includes the initial prescreening, post-operative care and reimbursement for initial prescription on post-operative drops.

Over 3 million people receive vision benefits through Dent-All's US Vision Plan's vision care program. We specialize in marketing to and partnering with employers, health plans, and associations to provide the highest quality vision benefits in the marketplace. The key to our success has always been our focus on forming mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with all of our plan sponsors and our commitment to the satisfaction of our plan members!



Always accepting new patients and located right where you need them - close to work, home and shopping malls - Dent-All's US Vision Plan doctors provide top quality care and offer a wide selection of frames to choose from - all at full-service, convenient locations.

With Dent-All's US Vision Plan you'll have exclusive benefits that complement your individual lifestyle. From discounts on laser vision correction and cash-savings on eyewear, we make it affordable for you to invest in your health.

Using your Dent-All's US Vision Plan benefit is easy. Simply bring your Dent-All's US Vision Plan member card to the provider of your choice and tell them you are a Dent-All's US Vision Plan member to receive the benefits.

Dent-All's US Vision Plan is easy to use and you receive your savings immediately. Welcome to the future of vision benefits!



Dent-All's US Vision Plan's provider panel includes optical locations, such as Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, JCPenney Optical, EyeMasters, Visionworks, VisionWorld, Binyon's, Doctor's Valuvision, Eye Drx, Eye Care Centers of America, Hour Eyes, and Target Optical. Our philosophy is to complement the best names in retail optical with a network of private practice optometrists and ophthalmologists. We develop our network using a "build to suit" approach. In areas where our network is not sufficiently accessible to our members, we recruit independent providers to participate in the network. Dent-All's US Vision Plan gives plan sponsors the opportunity to deal directly with a single benefit provider, while giving members access to a vision care program that offers real choice and accessibility.



Eye Exams

5% to 20% Discount


20% to 50% off retail


20% to 25% off retail


15% to 55% discount

CRT procedure

20% to 25% discount

Online Contact Lenses

Best Price Guarantee

Note: Fees vary by vendor and vendor location. The deepest discounts can be found at Target Optical, JC Penny Optical, Pearle Vision Centers, and Sears Optical.


What is Dent-All's US Vision Plan ?
Dent-All's US Vision Plan is a Discount Preferred Provider Network (DPPN). Unlike vision insurance our plan has no waiting periods, no limitations or exclusions, no annual/lifetime maximums, and no claim forms. Simply visit a Dent-All's US Vision Plan   Provider, show your member card, and pay the adjusted bill. Dent-All's US Vision Plan is your simple solution to vision benefits!

Do I need to get authorization to access this program?
No, if you are a member of Dent-All's US Vision Plan you may visit any of our participating provider locations at any time.  Please verify benefits with provider prior to any services being rendered.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?
Yes, all pre-existing conditions are covered.

What is the waiting period, deductible, etc.?
There is no waiting period before you can start using the plan! And, there are no deductibles, no claim forms to fill out, and no limits on visits to Dent-All's US Vision Plan providers!

Q:How much do members save on vision fees?
Members can save up to 60% on vision products and services.  You can view savings by visiting MEMBER BENEFITS.

Q:How do I know if I am a member of Dent-All's US Vision Plan?
You should have a Dent-All's US Vision Plan  or United Networks of America logo on your member card.  If you are not sure you can contact us at  866.362.1517  866.362.1517 .

Q:How do I access the Preferred Provider Listing?
The Preferred Provider Listing is accessible 24 hours a day on this web site.  Simply enter your zip code and our search engine will display all Dent-All's US Vision Plan  providers located in your area.

Q:How do I know which Preferred Provider to select?
You may go to any provider listed on the Dent-All's US Vision Plan Preferred Provider Network.



Enter your information below for an instant listing of the providers most convenient to you.

Note: Please verify participation and benefits prior to your visit.



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LASIK: This listing will not include LASER VISION correction providers. Participating providers can only be obtained by calling 888-SEE-NOW5 (733-6695). To receive savings of 40-55% off the national average cost of LASIK tell them you are a member of US Vision Plan.

REMINDER: You can purchase your eyeglasses for $25.00 through our mail order program. Click Here to view styles.


Laser Vision Correction Program

As a US Vision Plan member, you and members of your family may now receive significant savings on LASIK eye surgery!

Member Benefits:

  • Safe and Proven Technology – The latest FDA approved lasers

  • Experienced - Over 1.5 million procedures performed

  • Convenience – Over 600 locations nationwide

  • URAC/NCQA Credentialed LASIK Surgeons

  • Most Patients return to work the next day!

  • Retreatment Plans – Lifetime Assurance Plans available

  • Flexible Financing Options

How it Works:

  1. Call the toll-free (800) number on your membership card to speak with an QualSight Care Manager and tell them you are a member of US VISION PLAN.
  2. Member must have a plan name and plan number to obtain preferred pricing (use your US VISION PLAN card).
  3. A preliminary phone screening is conducted to ensure you are a potential candidate.
  4. Select a provider from the list of credentialed, Board Certified Ophthalmologists in
    your area.
  5. The Care Manager schedules your appointment and sends a pricing
    confirmation email/letter.

“More than 1/3 of Americans that use corrective eyewear
are considering having LASIK to improve or correct their vision.”

- Vision Council of America





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