About Dent-All Plan—Texas

Thank you for taking time to find out about the MSofA Dent-All Plan, Inc., discount health care plan. Dent-All Plan—Texas was established in 1984, and we have continued to expand our plans and services. Our corporate office is located in Tomball, Texas (just outside of Houston).

How Does the Plan Work?

To begin using a Dent-All plan or service, you must first register by completing the online application or printing and faxing the form to our office.

After you join the Dent-All Plan, simply pick a participating provider for the service you require. You make an appointment and tell the provider location that you are a Dent-All Plan member. After the provider performs the service, you pay the discounted fees for the service. It is that simple.

The Dent-All Plan is a TRUE Discount "Fee for Service" Plan. Since the Dent-All Plan is not insurance, there is no paperwork. Use the card as many times as needed. You can go to each participating provider as many times as necessary. Also, there are no health restrictions, so if you currently need a particular service, it is already included on the Dent-All Plan.

Contact Us

Dent-All Plan is networked in the 48 continental United States for all elements of the plan. For more information about Dent-All Plan, contact us contact us by phone at 866-362-1517 or by sending an email message to info@firstdentalchoice.com.